2 Color Gradient Generator

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2 Color combination gradient tool is using the following HEX colors to produce the gradient that you see.

Exploring the Relm of Gradients

The folowing galery showcases the mesmerizing world of modern CSS gradients! Gradients are a powerful tool in a designer’s palette, adding depth, dimension, and a touch of magic to the visual experience.

So let’s start your journey through the artistry of color transitions. Here is a CSS Gradient Gallery based on your chosen colors:

CSS: radial-gradient

CSS: radial-gradient

CSS: repeating-linear-gradient

CSS: conic-gradient

Let’s put this gradient to work

Now that you have fine-tuned your gradient, we can apply it in various development scenarios. Here are a few of the most common application methods for the gradient you’ve just created.

TIP: If you’ve finished selecting colors and adjusting sliders, and you’re satisfied with the current appearance of your gradient, you can grab any of these SVG shapes (refer to the CSS gradient source on the “Gradient CSS Code” tab). Now, simply copy and paste the HTML blocks to incorporate your gradient creation.

Some More 2 Color Gradients For You

Gradients are pretty. Our users recently created and saved several awesome 2 color gradients that you can admire and also incorporate into your own projects!